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We have provided a variety of ways for our customers to reach us. Get in touch with us through our Hot Line (Text or Call us), send us an email or Chat with our Live Help Agent on the Live Chat window.

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– If we are out of Stock, we shall suggest a similar product in Potency as replacement.


We are the #1 Trusted Online Aromatherapy Herbal Incense Store where you can buy K2 Spice blends online securely and discreetly.

Anonymity (Discreet): When consumers buy Herbal Incense online, they are placing their trust in us and our services of 100% discretion and delivery. Our excellent customer service and availability of our experts any time of the day, helps build and strengthen this trust further.

Our Prices: All the products are sold at affordable and reasonable prices, making it possible for almost every consumer from different parts of the nation. We offer exciting discounts on every product depending on the Quantity ordered.

Authenticity: We maintain high standards in the Quality of our herbal blends and deliver authentic products to consumers so they derived satisfaction from every product.  The management takes special With us our consumers are guaranteed with premium products.

Packaging:  Purchasing online products can pose to be a problem if the products are not properly packed. At Aromatic Herbal Incense, we ensure that our products are packed 100% Discreet to ensure that it’s delivered without any interception or issues. No Labeling, No initials of Identity. So the customer’s Identity remains anonymous as your privacy is our priority.

Herbal Blend Varieties: At Aromatic Herbal Incense, we provide our customers with a large variety of products ranging from; Herbal Incense, Potpourri, Liquid Incense, Pre-rolls K2 Sprayed Papers.  

Wholesale: Do you own a store? Are you looking to sell Herbal Incense and make money? Are you looking to stock up? Maybe you are just throwing a huge party and need quality and quantity? This option was specially designed for you! Buy this and you will save tons of $$$! You can choose your products as you want or if you don’t specify any, our experts will pick the best blends out for you!

Delivery Method: once you place your order for your Herbal incense products, our customer service will have your order processed. We discreetly ship and deliver High Quality herbal blends to our customers worldwide. If you choose to have Overnight or 24 hours shipping (USA ONLY), your order is shipped the same day and a tracking number is provided for you immediately so you know the Estimated Time of Arrival of your Discreet package at the delivery address provided upon placing the order. We look forward to building a long term business relationship with you as we expect you to become a returning customer.

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