How to Make Incense with Fresh Flowers and Herbs

How to Make Incense with Fresh Flowers and Herbs

How to Make Incense with Fresh Flowers and Herbs: Any celebration may be made more enjoyable with the help of fragrant candles and lovely flowers. While fresh lemongrass has been discovered to offer us energy and boost concentration, romantic red roses can create a sensual atmosphere. Making your own incense is a unique and organic method to introduce these fragrances into your house.

There are numerous various techniques to create incense, which is any plant-based item burned for aroma. Some people prefer to make their incense using crushed items, while others want to utilize essential oils. We’re going to show you today how to make incense out of fresh herbs and flowers. The best thing about this technique is how easily you can use leftover herbs and your preferred flowers.
Look at the many ingredients you’ll need to produce your handmade incense before we get started.

Homemade Incense Materials

  1. Use cotton string to bind your herbs and flowers together. Twine of this kind is frequently used in the kitchen because it won’t melt. Other options include twine made of hemp or jute.
  2. Pick out your preferred fresh flowers and herbs to include in your homemade incense. Below is a list of the options we advise. Before you begin making your incense bundles, make sure to check to see if your flowers are in season.
  3. You will chop your herbs and flowers with scissors.
  4. Incense will burn on the heat-resistant plate. Choose one that fits your flowers and herbs and is attractive.
  5. Drying the bundles is done with a hanger.
  6. Lighter or matches – To ignite your incense, get some matches or a lighter.

Best Herbals and Flowers for Your Homemade Incense

To prevent them from spreading into the air, it is advisable to use flowers and herbs that were not grown with pesticides or chemicals. Fresh herbs are available at your neighborhood farmer’s market, nursery, or grocery shop.
Select bloom-incomplete flowers. The drying procedure is more likely to cause mold growth or petal loss in mature flowers. When possible, get fresh herbs because they are simpler to wrap than herbs from the refrigerator. Due to the fact that they will shrivel up throughout the drying process, add more leaves to your bundle.

5 Steps for Making Incense

Project time

Drying Herbs and Flowers: 2-3 weeks

Assembling Incense: 20-30 mins

Step 1: Get the flowers and herbs ready and cut them.

Cut the flower stems between three and six inches in length and the herb stems to roughly six inches. Your flowers should be cleared of any excess foliage.

Step 2: Bundle the herbs and flowers together

Bay and eucalyptus are two herbs with large leaves that work well as the foundation for your bundle. To keep your herbs in place, place your flowers on top of them.

Step 3: Use your twine to secure your incense bundle

Unravel a long piece of twine about five to eight times as long as your bundle.

  • Tie your twine around the stem side of your bundle to keep it together. Leave about 3 inches of twine on the shorter side.
  • After you’ve secured the bottom, tightly wrap the long end of the twine upwards around the bundle until you reach the top.
  • Next, tightly wrap your bundle downwards in the opposite direction.
  • Once you’ve reached the bottom of the bundle, you need to tie the long end of the twine to the short end to secure it.

Pro Tip: Wrap and pull the twine as tightly as possible because the flowers and herbs will shrink as they dry.

Step 4: Hang your bundle upside down to dry for two to three weeks.

To hang your bundle upside down to dry, use the long end of your twine. To hang your bundles, look for a place that is cold, dry, and has sufficient airflow. Before use, the bundle must be totally dried; else, it will not burn. For more information on drying flowers, see our guide.

Step 5: Place your bundles on a heat-proof plate and light your incense.

Place your incense on your dish after removing it from the hanger. The herbs should be lit until they begin to smoke. Put out the flames, let it smolder, and take pleasure!

Since you now understand how to produce incense, you may begin preparing a few bundles in advance. You’ll be prepared for your upcoming occasion with some dried incense bundles if you do this! Keep your incense bundles in a dry, cold place. The bundles may mold or become more brittle when exposed to moisture or heat.

These incense bundles make a lovely addition to a Christmas gathering with family and friends or a romantic date night with your special someone. Below are a few suggestions so you can begin creating your own.

Ideas for Bundles of Floral and Herbal Incense

Making your own incense bundles is a quick and easy method to improve the ambiance in your house. Also wonderful as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions, these packages. Learn to make bath bombs for the ultimate DIY relaxation gift bag if you want to put together a basket of homemade treats for relaxation. To make your gift even more memorable, you may also choose some berries and flowers that go together well!



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